What is an Alpaca?

Alpacas are originally from South America (they are part of the camelid family) and have been in Australia for around 20 years.  Traditionally alpacas were bred for their soft fleece, which has pride of place in the luxury fleece market.  Today they are also bred for shows and are even used by sheep farmers to protect their flocks.

Alpaca Quick Facts

  • Alpacas are smaller than llamas, with a higher quality of fleece
  • They can live well into their 20’s
  • The gestation period for an alpaca baby (called a cria) is 11 months.
  • Alpacas are herd animals so are happier in at least a pair.
  • Alpaca fleece has superb thermal qualities and is classed as a luxury fibre.

Want to know more? Come and visit us at Horsham Farm!

Tell me about Bova Alpaca and Horsham Farm

Bova Alpacas is a family run farm in the NSW Southern Highlands.  The farm has been in the Bova family for over 13 years.

Our Breeding Program
We have been breeding alpacas for over 15 years, focusing on fine,dense,white fleece. Alpaca fleece produces a boutique fibre, a luxury fleece akin to cashmere.  We are succeeding in reducing the micron of our fleece for finer high-end product.  We are working on increasing our yeild, and producing fine quality fleece with length and lustre.  Bova Alpacas participates in the SRSAI© breeding program developed by Dr Jim Watts designed to increase fleece quantity and quality.

Our Alpacas at Shows
Bova Alpacas has shown animals in shows such as the Moss Vale Show, Charles Ledger Show, and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.  Our prize winning alpacas have been recognised for their breeding, fleece and conformation.

If you are interested in our Alpaca breeding and sales program please visit our ‘For Sale’ page.

Where is Horsham Farm?

Located in Penrose in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Horsham Farm is around 2 hours drive from Sydney and just over an hour’s drive from Canberra.  The nearest train stations are Penrose and Bundanoon.

The Southern Highlands is famous for its heritage, food and wineries, gardens and much more.  Horsham Farm is on a tourist drive that passes quaint towns, forests, country estates and sprawling bushland.

Horsham Farm
1051 Penrose Road
Penrose 2579 NSW

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For accommodation nearby check out this Southern Highlands Tourism link - http://enquiries.southern-highlands.com.au/accommodation.asp

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