Autumn arrives at Horsham Farm

Well that was a long break from updates !What a wonderful Summer we have had at Horsham Farm,home to Bova Alpacas here in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales.Lots of rain,all water tanks full and grass waist height.If we were real farmers we would cut and bale, but not having farming machinery we will have to find a sickle in an Antique Shop, or borrow one from the grim reaper .After cutting, according to my 90 year old father we then arrange the grass in stooks and when dry, make a hay stack!!! Simple.??
Our new cria are arriving ,sixteen so far by our new stud male Shanbrooke Haynacho (co owned with Milpacca) .Fabulous, silky white fleeces .Big strong healthy cria weighing 8 kg and over.

Autumn is a perfect time to visit Horsham Farm.  Why not contact us about visiting for a farm tour.  You can even sample our famous homemade scones with locally produced lemon butter and preserves.  See you soon at Horsham Farm.


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